All prices are subject to change

Customized cut-ups

1/4 cut, cut down center, & between thigh & breast

1/2 cut, cut down center

8 piece, 2 wings, thighs, drumsticks, breast roast, back

9 piece, 2 wings, thighs, drumsticks, breast split, back

Deboned breast

Necks cut off & bagged separately 

Cleaned feet

Uncleaned feet for pet food

Cleaned giblets

Uncleaned giblets for pet 

Cleaned heart

Cleaned liver

Cleaned gizzard

All cut-ups are an additional charge

All cut-ups can be packaged anyway you request

Customized Packaging

We will package your product anyway you request, you will be charged for additional bags.


3.25 plus 70.00 per hour for inspection.

Cut in 1/2 or 1/4 2.50

Kidney: .40

Heart:   .40

Liver:    .40


Organic Chickens:                                        $4.50   

Organic chicken any cut-ups additional: $3.25

Cornish Cross:                                              $4.00

Cornish cross any cut-ups additional:     $3.00

All other Breeds:                                          $4.50

All cut-ups for other breeds additional: $3.25

Turkeys: 8.50 up to 20LB, .50 extra over 20LB

Turkey any cut-ups additional:                $4.50

Chicken Giblets:

Sets, gizzard, liver, and heart 2.00

Gizzard: 1.50

Liver: .30

Heart: .20

Feet: .50 a set

Necks, off and bagged: .50

Turkey Giblets:

Sets, gizzard, liver, and heart 3.50

Gizzard: 2.50

Liver: .50

Heart: .50

Necks, off and bagged: 1.00

Boxes:                            2.25 per box

Double label:               .50                          

Extra bags:                   .50

Turkey bags:               1.00

All grinding:                .50 per pound

All birds that cannot fit in a standard size bag will be charged an additional .50 extra. 

If grain is not pulled from the birds 12 hours prior to butcher time you will be charged .50 extra per bird.

If any birds are condemned you will be charged half price.